Top 6 Things You Can Do For Birds

Everybody can make small changes in their daily lives to help out birds and other biodiversity. Here are six easy things that you can do for birds.

Schoolyard Bird Blitz

Which birds live in your schoolyard? Find out by participating in a birdwatch at your school: Download your regional bird ID guide, go birdwatching, and submit your observations for science!

Map Guide

Where to spot Celebirdies in Toronto? Once you know where to go, Toronto is an amazing place to see birds. This multi-lingual map guide shows you where to look

Kids: Sam the Shorebird

Learn what you can do for plovers and the birds sharing the beaches with us. English: 2020-Activity-Sam-the-Shorebird-English_0305004400 Spanish: 2020-Activity-Sam-the-Shorebird-Spanish_0305420900

Kids: Coloring Pages

Purple Martin: Purple-Martin_0326053500 American Kestrel: American-Kestrel_0322423500 Arctic Tern: Arctic-Tern_0322818000 Bairds Sparrow Bairds-Sparrow_0323197100 Barn Owl Barn-Owl_0324054500 Canada Warbler Canada-Warbler_0324832700 World Migratory Bird Day Main-Coloring-Page-English-Spanish_0321587200 World Migratory Bird Day Main-Coloring-Page-French_0322008800 Northern Pintail Northern-Pintail_0325607500 Yellow-breasted Chat: Yellow-breasted-Chat_0326891400 Images courtesy of World Migratory Bird Day and Environment for the Americas

Gardening for Birds Guide

Bring the Celebirdies home with this Gardening for birds guide. Bird Garden Booklet_2020

For Kids: Junior Birder Guide

Learn about birds and how to identify them with this guide with children’s activities. 2018-Junior-Birder-Guide-EN_RevisedMar2021

Birding in Toronto

Canada’s largest city boasts an impressive diversity of birds and bird habitats, with approximately 400 different species of birds spotted here. Birds that live here year-round are suited to the local habitat for all aspects of their lifecycle, in all seasons. Some of these birds include the Black-capped Chickadee (Parus atricapillus), Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) and Eastern Screech-Owl (Megascops asio). However, most birds observed in Toronto are visitors. Many of these migratory birds return each year to build nests, breed, and raise young, or use the city as a stopover point en route to or from breeding grounds in the Arctic or Boreal forest regions.Birding in Toronto AODA

Biodiversity Series: Birds of Toronto

Birds of Toronto is a remarkable guide to birds, the places they love, the challenges they face and what you can do to help them in Toronto. Birds of Toronto – Biodiversity Series (2019)

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