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Join Brian Chan, Birds Canada Outreach Technician, for an informative webinar on window collisions and strategies for making urban environments bird friendly through window treatment strategies. 

Having recently moved from Hong Kong to pursue his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto, Brian Chan is a relatively new resident in Downtown Toronto and birder in Canada. Throughout his residency in Toronto, he noticed numerous bird window collision incidents. With the urban landscape expanding throughout the GTA and most bird species population being threatened, bird window collision are bound to rise and affect the overall North American bird species diversity and ecosystems more severely. This prompted him to consider how such tragedies can occur on a regular basis, and what can be done to prevent further injuries and deaths of window-struck birds.

Through this webinar, he hopes to shed light on the ever-growing issue of bird window strikes as a concerned birder and a member of public.

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Photo Credit: Ceana See-Lai Klump

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