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The magic and deep fulfillment you might experience while birding outdoors is something to be cherished, explored, and examined. At the very least, these experiences inform your relationship to birds and the natural world. More than that, these moments of quiet reflection may tell you a little bit about yourself. I hope to explore and share my own birding experiences in the outdoors and what they have taught me about loneliness, connection, and kinship. The seemingly simple act of birding has left me joyful and in awe of the world. It has also made me deeply uncomfortable about the questions it brings up about disconnection and inaccessibility. I would be honored if you would join me in exploring these reflections while, of course, having a little nerdy and birdy fun along the way.

About Aranya 

Aranya Iyer is a Masters student at Western University with the Department of Geography and the Environment. Her project centers on building mathematical models to learn how birds make decisions during migration. Specifically, she studies how birds may use magnetic cues to navigate long distances. Sadly, her work does not test if putting a huge magnet in your yard will attract that one rare bird you have been chasing since forever. Aranya is equally passionate about science communication and storytelling. Currently, she is interested in connecting conventional science education to different ways of knowing.

Social media:

Instagram: @nerdmeetsbird

Twitter: @aranya6776

Youtube: Animalogic “World of Birds”

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