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Note photographs taken during the event may be used by Birds Canada to promote awareness, education and conservation work for the wild birds of Canada. Please let the event leader know if you do not wish your photograph to be taken.

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Toronto Island SUP

Now it is the premier SUP destination in Toronto with a fully stocked quiver of all types of boards for your enjoyment. It’s our mission to give you memorable experiences on Lake Ontario. TISUP attracts passionate staff members to serve your experience and provides rigorous training in safety, paddling & teaching techniques and detailed information on the area. Come experience the 14 Toronto Islands with us as your guides to see for yourself. This is the only island chain in Western Lake Ontario and hosts 6 sites which are designated Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest as well as Environmentally Significant Areas.

The Toronto Island is a special place with tons of history. Learn about the history of its formation, flora & fauna, people and more on one of our Eco-Tours. Did you know that the Islands were actually a series of sandbars formed by sediment from the Scarborough Bluffs? Or that the location of the City of Toronto (then York) was chosen due to the fantastic natural harbour created by the then peninsula? Learn about William Ward, Ned Hanlan and how the Island became the eccentric community it is today.

We give you the option to explore on your own with a rental, take a lesson, do a SUP Yoga class or join us on one of our special events like Acro SUP Yoga or SUP Camp. We believe that giving city dwellers and visitors a place to recharge in nature and escape the fast pace of the city is necessary to overall wellness. We are happy to provide that so close to downtown where you can still peer over the treetops and get a glimpse of the CN Tower.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become the fastest growing sport in North America in terms of new participation. This vehicle provides a whole new perspective of the natural world which is so close to the city of Toronto. We are very excited to share it with you!


SUP Trashdash at the Toronto Island

Toronto Islands 13 Algonquin Bridge Road, Toronto

Help protect our waterways and have fun doing it in our third annual Trash Dash! Arrive any time between 2 and 4 pm for a self-guided excursion through the lagoons of the island. Boards back by 5 pm. Please be patient and spaced out while arriving. You may have to wait to get out on...

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Bird Champions

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